Elise De YOE Brouillette
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Elise De YOE Brouillette is a professional quilter with training and education in both textile and interior design.

Gaining endless inspiration from travel and study, quilting is a life-long pursuit that evolved into a business today. Having spent many years as an interior designer, Elise has adopted a personal style and expertise for the textile arts that fuses a unique blend of color, scale and pattern.


Diverse patterns…eclectic styles…vibrant colors. These all contribute to her final works of art, each one bringing with it a unique perspective as part of the whole. “I get inspiration from fabrics, colors, and patterns…it’s a very fluid process for me.” says Elise, who has degrees in textile design and interior design from Boston University. The collaboration between herself and other local quilters further contributes to Elise’s enthusiasm for the textile arts.


Come in, look around, and experience Quilts by Elise.