Elise De YOE Brouillette
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Knowing Elise


From an early age Elise has been fascinated by needlework, embroidery, needlepoint and tie dye; she quickly found interest in making her own clothes.  In high school her interests in the arts grew and she involved herself with weaving, batik and printing. Then in university she furthered her arts education; this lead to receiving two degrees: textile design and interior design.


Combining her passion with sense of community, Elise has donated several quilts and coordinating pillowcases to children' hospitals.  "It gives me the chance to work with more playful fun fabrics." she states. 

Being able to give back in a way that immediately gives comfort is very satisfying.
— Elise De YOE Brouillette

Whether we use a quilt as a bed covering or hang one on a wall as art, quilts throughout history have held meaning to generations and that continues to each of us individually.   

To learn more about Elise’s quilts, upcoming shows and how you can place an order for a custom made quilt, please call her at (978) 807-2001 or email her at elise@quiltsbyelise.com